In the News: Lonely Girl Releases an Unforgettable Tell-All



Read the unforgettable story of Lonely Girl—a true, modern replay of The Story of the Samaritan Woman but with all the raw details—in the book entitled, Unforgettable: The Story of a Lonely Girl (A True Story).

Los Angeles, CA – March 23, 2016 – Prompted by feelings of shame originating from the loss of her virginity and Christian religious exile, “Lonely Girl” assumes a posture of submission and pursues her worldly lovers to act as her savior – so is the synopsis and concept behind the new book, Unforgettable: The Story of a Lonely Girl (A True Story). In the engaging new story, readers are invited to experience the overtly private life of a girl who has experienced both the highs and lows of living a somewhat “blacklisted lifestyle,” so judged by a culture shaped by the generations that came before her and the people who surrounded her in her early years. “To understand the primary character of Unforgettable, readers must know her full story – in an unfiltered fashion,” explains the author, J. LIN. “Her story is a true story, and it’s told by the character herself with the kind of incredible courage, raw intensity and sheer honesty few would ever dare to do. Upon considering the title of the book, readers might imagine the character’s existence as rather lifeless and loveless – at worst, a forgotten and abandoned unknown, or at best a beautiful disaster. Unforgettable invites the reader to decide for him or herself which she is.” This primary character of the book is the daughter and member of a distinctly Asian, middle-class, conservative, and Christian household and community. She is expected to join the academic elites or else risk rejection and failure, and between those pressures and the loss of her virginity at the age of 17 – followed by her violent exclusion from the church thereafter – shame becomes the dominant theme of her life. Her secret aspiration becomes finding a husband to live as his submissive wife, desiring all forms of unhealthy attachment, while her distinctly more “Caucasian features” as compared to her Asian peers works to her benefit in these circles. The girl then meets a worldly – and much older and experienced – Swedish businessman who is 23 years her senior that she’s determined to marry, until a sudden discovery and ensuing request threatens to destroy her dream.

Unforgettable: The Story of a Lonely Girl (A True Story) is available via Amazon at and in hardcover, paperback, or electronic book format, with a follow-up story entitled Unforgettable: The Story of a Lovely Girl (A True Story) scheduled to release in 2017.

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